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It's About Time
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Latest Release

In choosing the music to go on this first solo project, it was important to David to have songs that meant something to him personally. He chose songs of inspiration, faith, freedom, and of course, the song that has become his signature tune, "Unchained Melody." The selections will be sure to please his current fans and win some new ones! Watch The Monarchs' schedule for your opportunity to pick one up. Don't wait, "It's About Time."

It's About Time
David Owen

1. If

2. Faithful to the End

3. Overjoyed

4. I Love This Land

5. Unchained Melody


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It's About Time

Produced by Nick Stevens

Music Arranged and Performed by Jeff Rehmet
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Greenwell
at Downtown Recording, Louisville KY
Additional Recording by Caleb Songer, Ted Stevens

Additional Performances by:

Jeff McCallister, Drums and Percussion on “Faithful to the End” and “I Love This Land”

Leon Middleton, Soprano Sax on “Faithful to the End”

Paul Turner, Acoustic Guitar on “If” and “Faithful to the End”

Abigail Wallace, Recitation on “I Love This Land”

DESIGN - Brenda & Bill Woods
PHOTOGRAPHY - Pivot Photography,
THANKS TO - Art Kile of Works of Art Clock Shop, Shelbyville, KY


From David Owen

Well, “It’s About Time,” but I have finally gotten to do this CD. For many years, so many friends and family have asked me to record a CD, and here it is! I hope you enjoy the songs and that the music will bring joy to
your heart.

Special thanks to my wife Pam and daughter Rachel, and all my friends from the music community in Louisville and beyond. You have been my inspiration. You have been there for me through good times and bad.
Most of all, thanks to God, Edith and Bird Owen, Jr.,my Mom and Dad.

It’s About Time!
Thanks for listening,